divendres, 25 d’abril de 2014


17th-24TH April 2014

Students from 1B-D bat

Day 1: Monday, 17th
Firstly, I would say that I was very excited to arrive in Berlin and I was also looking forward to meet my exchange girl, Sophia. Once we arrived at the school, It impressed us the way the classes were structured. There were not many students in each class, so it was quite different from here.My first impression from Sophia was, that she had her own style and personality. After the meeting we all went to our partners’ houses. However, as she lived 45 minutes from the school, we went together with Camil and his exchange girl, Charlotte. After having some dinner we both with our partners went to meet Pep and Hannah, and Oriol and Jolan in a bar. We got relaxed while enjoying a beer and getting to know each other. After the meeting, me and Sophia went home, and there I met her mother, her brother and Niky, who is a family friend. After a very tiring day I went to bed.
Day 2: Tuesday, 18th
I got up at 6:00 am in the morning. I had gone to bed at 10p.m the day before, therefore I was full of energy to start the day. To go to school I had to take two different trains and then a bus. And I can’t imagine doing that every day as my daily routine. When we arrived at the school, we took a guided tour around the Marcel Breuer school, followed by a German class, which I have to say It was very boring. At 12 we visited the Bundestag (German Parliament). It was very interesting even though I fell asleep at one point. However, I learnt many new things about the German history. As we did on Monday, after the guided tour in the Bundestag, we spent all the afternoon in a bar, talking and drinking some beers. I arrived home at 10p.m., and after having dinner I went to bed.
Day 3: Wednesday, 19th
Today I visited the centre of Berlin. I love the buildings and the variety of weird people in the streets. I like big cities with a lot of history and interesting sites to visit like Berlin. One of the places we went was the largest chocolate shop in Europe. I love chocolate so I bought some for my family and for me as a souvenir. Another place we visited was Berlin Dungeon. It was a very creepy place and I was scared all the time despite I like scary things. During the afternoon we continued visiting Berlin with all the Spanish and German people.
Day 4: Thursday, 20th
I started the day with the same routine, we visited the Humboldt box, which I don’t know what exactly is. Before having lunch we visited the Pergamon Museum. After a really trying day we all (Germans and Catalans) went to visit some other places in Berlin.
Day 5: Friday, 21st
We went to visit Sachsenhausen, the concentration camp. I remember it was a very sad place. We had a guided tour around the camp, I loved the explanation. Coming back from the Sachsenhausen camp, Camil, Pol, Aniol, Pep, Oriol and I, with our German partners went to an old airport to have fun. I really enjoyed it despite the rain. At night Sophia showed me a little mountain in Berlin, where you could see all the city of Berlin. It was a magic place. However, nothing happened between us! : P ha ha. Later, I went to a party held by her friends! They are really friendly and I met a lot of people there. I also met a friend of Sophia’s brother who will come home on Monday, if I’m not wrong. I had a great time and I really enjoyed it. I went to bed around 4 am, so you can imagine how we finished the party.
Day 6: Saturday, 22nd
We woke up very late because we were tired. In the afternoon we met the other students and we went to buy souvenirs, I went to watch a film called “Need for Speed” with Jaume and Valeria. It was great because I could understand everythin, it was in ENGLISH!
Day 7: Sunday 23rd
In the morning we went to a market, where they sell second hand clothes and objects, with some friends. At night we met the group to go drinking and have fun, because it was the last night!
Day 8: Monday, 24th 
It was time to say goodbye to everyone but I didn’t want to go, I was about to stay another week. However, it was time to take the plane and take off. We met at the airport at 9 am, we all hugged each other and said good bye. I really miss them, especially Sophia and I’m really looking forward to see them again in May.